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Plugin Editor

You can also try our new Plugin Editor to aid you in developing your own plugin:


Up until now, the process of developing plugins has had a couple speed bumps that our team has wanted to solve. The main one being that there was no real-time feedback during the development process, so developers have to repeatedly update and re-install the plugin. Depending on the scope of your plugin, this tool can help a lot.

Modify your plugin in the code box on the right, and you can see the changes happen in real time in the left window. This is very helpful for updates to the interface and smaller style tweaking.

Still missing

  • Still does not support modifying the yml file (that is used to display customizable plugin fields in the right panel while editing the project in Re:Earth)

In the future

We will continue to find ways to improve and add to the Plugin Editor to make the plugin development process more streamlined. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas to help us, so please go to Discord or GitHub and start a discussion!