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What is Re:Earth?

Re:Earth is a "free, open, highly extensible WebGIS platform".


🔌 Highly extensible thanks to the robust plugin system

Re:Earth can be extended through its plug-in system. More possibilities are available depending on you.

💻 Super handy being browser-based

A complete WebGIS platform that runs in your browser, allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere and collaborate with your team members easily with no installation required.

💪 Supports standard GIS data formats

It supports the import of common GIS data formats, allowing you to import and visualize data that you have created and edited with your existing GIS software.

Currently CSV, KML, CZML, GeoJSON and Shapefile (partially) are supported.

📢 Easily make a project public

You can publish your Re:Earth project publicly or privately in just a couple clicks. Share your own maps.

✨ Freely style the map

You can change the map tile shown depending on height, change the density and color of the earth's atmosphere, and more however you like.

Who uses Re:Earth

  • GIS engineers who want to further explore the possibilities of WebGIS.
  • Engineers who want to use GIS software easily.
  • Engineers who want to develop their own plugins to extend Re:Earth.
  • Web engineers who want to participate in OSS development with React/Go technology stack.


For usage examples and more, please explore the documentation.